Jan 10, 2010

Hello Rainy Days

I was soooooooo lazy this week
The weather makes me feel sleepy all day long
Not update my blogspot and tumblr
My cartoon movie assignment? Not yet!
Just went to campus, leha leha, eat, laugh, visiting my boyfriend, la la la...
By the way, I found my mom old Mango jacket
It's soft gold, shimmer, and fit on me hehe..
Nice jacket, mom!

Mango jacket
Unbranded top
JKNK acid wash jeans
Custom made black belt boots
Mitchybelle sling bag
Topshop ring and bangles


  1. hai mutiara (what should I call u? I found on ur FB badge that ur name's mutiara hehe..)
    such a great jacket. ur mom has a good taste about fashion.. xD
    and it doesn't look that old. u look so cool.