Jul 15, 2009

Summer Holiday at Jogja

Day 1

train (euuwwhh.. so tired)

around Kauman. I stayed at my friend's house. I love the atmosphere there. Great old house, nice neighbour. perfect :D

at Keraton

bougth jeans bag at Mirota and gladi sandals at Malioboro. I did't take the gladi sandals pict hehe

Dinner at Maliboro. Kalau orang sini mah bilangnya lesehan hehe...

naik andong hahaha.. bau kudaaa

Day 2

Candi Borobudur

Siung Beach.. Oh my gosh it was really beautiful beach..

Day 3

Affandi's house. A unique house, I love it!

Van den Berg Castle

At Dixie. Celebrate Nanda's birthday yippie.. ! :D

Day 4

At Tamansari
After this, I went to Malioboro and Pasar Beringharjo.
That's it.
There're many etnic accesories. I bought many accesories hahaha..
In the night, I went with Eki. He's my boyfriend's bestfriend, live at Jogja. I bought 4 doze bakpia and T-shirt for my boyfriend. In the middle of the night, I went to Kalicode with Eki, two other my BF friend, Anjar and Bagus. We drunk coffee, chatting, and share story under the sky...

Day 5

I bought comfy blouse at Maliboro. You can see it that pict :D

Beli kenang kenangan buat Bude yang punya rumah. Terimakasi udah baik banget sama kami semua.. :)

Fiuuhh.. Finally the trip over.
Through good days with besties, new friends, and etnic goods
I'm so sad I had to went home..
Jogja, I'll be back.. :D