Aug 28, 2009


This is my favorite room. Not my bedroom actually, but I spend my leisure time here.
That red sofa is soooo comfy, but sorry it's a little bit messy :D

Floral shirt : Pasar Senen
White blouse : Icon
High waist skirt : Gaudi
Grey suede shoes : Retail Therapy
Necklace : Luna Maya for Hardware

Aug 27, 2009

A Cold Snap

I took this picts when I was waiting for "buka puasa".
I didn't have any work to do so I tried my new cardigan and shoes :D

pink cardigan : (x) s.m.l
zipper necklace : nefertiti jewelz
oversized white blouse : icon (my favorite blouse hehe)
black legging : gaudi
grey suede shoes : Retail Therapy

Aug 26, 2009

The Suede

I'm so happy this afternoon. When I woke up at 11.30 (hehe), my mom gave a pack from RetailTherapy. And you what, this's my suede shoes that I order from Retailtherapy. :D

Thx a lot Kalistaaaaa.. :)

To visit the ol shop, click this picture below

Aug 11, 2009

Teen's Art Fest

My bf's band, Budiman Hears The Tunes joined Teen's Art Fest, held in Ancol.
So I came to support his band and took some picture :)

Dhani, my bf :">

Budiman Hears The Tunes

Dhani's perform

Aug 7, 2009

ES Reunion

ini bener bener long time no see
ada yang udah 8 tahun ga ketemu, sampe sebagian gw udah lupa sama mukanya ahahaha..

I miss you all... :)