Nov 22, 2009

November, 17th 2009

This is breakfast with mom.
It's so suprise when I knew she made tumpeng for me and the taste is soooooooooooo good.

tumpeng and friends hahaha. telor dadar, perkedel, ayam goreng, orek tempe, kripik kentang balado. YUMMY!

21st November 2009

I had lunch with my bf, Dhani at Sushi Tei Senayan City.
He didn't give me a susprised gift because he didn't know what shoes I like.
So he accompanied me to looking for shoes and he paid it hehe..

I choose this M) Phosis sandals. So comfy.. :)

what I wore
grey outwear : Agree To Shop
floral top : Pasar Senen
unbranded legging
sling bag : Mitchybelle
strap gladi sandals : M) Phosis

Nov 16, 2009


Yeah thanx God finally I'm 21st

Hope my life will be better :)


Sometimes I play Looklet to spend my leisure time.
These some of my look. What do you think? :D

Click HERE to see my other looks

Nov 14, 2009

New Moon in London

Some people dislike her wardrobe

Sex and The City 2

Sex and City 2 fashion style back to 80's. I dont' really like this Carrie wardrobe actually.

I opened my mom's photo album and she had the same hair style when she was young hahaha...

and Miley Cyrus in this movie. Hhhmm...

Nov 1, 2009

After Long Time...

I was so busy with my assignment and don't have emough time to dinner together with my mom.
I'm so tired with campus assignment and need some fresh atmosphere.
So I decided to had dinner at cafe with her yesterday.

what I wore
White jacket : unbranded
Retro blouse : Retail Therapy
Shout out necklace : Drole Shop
Bangles : Topshop

my beloved mom :)

What we ate for dinner

club sandwich

Oreo pancake. The taste similiar with Pancious Pancake.