Nov 22, 2009

November, 17th 2009

This is breakfast with mom.
It's so suprise when I knew she made tumpeng for me and the taste is soooooooooooo good.

tumpeng and friends hahaha. telor dadar, perkedel, ayam goreng, orek tempe, kripik kentang balado. YUMMY!

21st November 2009

I had lunch with my bf, Dhani at Sushi Tei Senayan City.
He didn't give me a susprised gift because he didn't know what shoes I like.
So he accompanied me to looking for shoes and he paid it hehe..

I choose this M) Phosis sandals. So comfy.. :)

what I wore
grey outwear : Agree To Shop
floral top : Pasar Senen
unbranded legging
sling bag : Mitchybelle
strap gladi sandals : M) Phosis


  1. hello there the winner of go girl fashion tag =DD. thank's for following my blog. and oh.. i also put you in my blog roll.Enjoy! <33333333

    Ps: after i take a look of your pics.. i got notice that we have the same mark on the same cheek. that makes us pretty similar in faces.. teehee.. i used to have bangs like yours too. My bf, told me so. That's why i'm pretty interested in seeing your daily blog too. Nice to know you, Mutia! <333


  2. ooopss.. anyway.. this is also the same surprisingly habit of me and Bf.. having any emals at SUSHI TEI.. my bf is a big fan of squid. me.. i'm a huge fan of Ebikko and black Caviar.. yummm!!!

  3. very big thank you lauretha.. :)
    yeah that mark makes our face looks sweet :D
    I cut my bangs by my self. Not bad right? hahaha
    I love salmon mentai, I don't like raw sushi because it rather fishy hehe..
    By the way I love your rebel style :)

  4. salam kenal ya...
    blog ini menarik...
    tulisannya simpel...tetapi keren banget dalam meletakkan foto2 di dalamnya...
    maaf kalau kurang berkenan... ^_^

  5. Beautiful shoes! It's always lovely when they let you choose your own gift, eh?


  6. luv u're shoes...a good choice :)
    btw,u make me to eat tumpeng..i miss it :(

  7. funny yet stylish blog! lovely! i'm just blogwalking, followed you, it'd be nice if you can visit and maybe follow mine...