Dec 31, 2009

New Year Resolution

Quit smoking
Say goodbye to sampoerna mild :(

Better and healthy relationship
By the way, we'll celebrate our first year annive in January 5, 2010. Yay!

Dec 22, 2009

Well Done and Wrap

My bf's band recorded the second song, Once Again.Good song, I like it. Sound like punk rock :D
I was there to accompany my bf, Dhani and also as the photographer. And you know what, two of the personil of this band are my senior in DKV Trisakti hahaha.. They're bang Arief and Bejo. Nice guys with disabled attitude wakakaka.. (kidding bro)

Dhani my bf as drummer

Arief, Dhani's older brother as bassist

Ferdi as guitarist

Bejo as vocalist

Arief and Dhani as backing vocal

And me

That was good job man :)

Me and You


Dec 18, 2009

Express It Bitch!

Taken by Dina for her DKV assignment.
Visit her blog HERE and you'll find funny creatures there :)




Thank's Din :)

The Band

Hectic week! My shitty assignment made me tired tired tired. I didn't have enough time to play. BLAH! By the way, last week I accompanied my bf and his band for recorded their new song. Pop jazzy and I love it :) These several photo at Flame Studio.

My eew shitty DKV assignment, Peranan Desain Komunikasi Visual Terhadap Penanggulangan Osteoporosis Pada Wanita Menopause. This'is only campaign for magz. There're the other, poster, newspaper, billboard, merchandise, stationary, storyboard, and paper. Fuck!