Oct 25, 2009

Dhani 21st Birthday

Today is Dhani (my bf) 21st birthday.
I'm very happy because I have prepared a present that he like so much. I gave him Casio Edifice watch

I wore my favorite asymmetric long cardi and wore my new Zara bag :D
This is what I wore for lunch :

Asymmetric long cardi : Zara
Studded leather bag : Zara
Oxford shoes : retail Therapy
Bangles : Topshop
Misty grey legging : Unbranded

We had lunch at Soho. He was very curious and excited to open the gift.

I was sooooooooo happy when I knew he likes the watch so much.

Dhani tried my Canon SLR camera. Not bad right? hahaha...

This is the food. We ordered same menu, chicken gordon bleu. Dhani likes it so much :D

Happy Birthday babe... Love youuuu.. :)

Oct 24, 2009

Fashion Tag of The Month Sepember

This is my coverage for Gogirl! Fashion Tag of The Month.
I used the MAP voucher for bought Zara studded bag, my dream bag hahaha...
These is the pict when I was in Zara

what I wore :
Studded acid washed vest : Retail Theraphy
white T shirt : Metro
black skinny jeans : unbranded
grey suede shoes : Retail Therapy
Red sling bag : Mitchybelle

Thank's Gogirl! Magz
also for Ryanti and Galuh for covered and accompanied me :)

Oct 14, 2009

Yummy Prize

I joined Gogirl! Fashion Tag Competition and I won for Fashion Tag of The Month :)
These the prize :
MAP voucher
XL voucher
Samsung MP3 player

Thank's Gogirl! Magz :)